Telephone Services

PACtel Telephone Services can help you stay connected with your loved ones at the lowest prison calling rate possible. With our Inmate Call Plans, you won’t be spending a lot of money when you receive a call from your friend, family or relative.

We provide you with a local phone line for inmate calling you. Instead of spending the high prison phone prices for the long distance inmate calls, he will be charged for just a local call and you will pay for the local prison phone line. Using a prepaid account with PACtel Telephone Services, you can save around 50%-80% in prison phone costs.

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Texting Service

PACtel Texting Service is an easier way for your inmate to stay in contact with you and all of his family without and you don’t have to log onto Corrlinks. Your inmate is still using the approved system for email with you. We just relay it as a Text Message to your phone. The PACtel Text service is a flat rate monthly fee and is unlimited.

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PACtel Telephone Services and its parent company is an IntereXchange Carrier (IXC) and Competitive Access Provider (CAP) registered with the FCC.

This service has helped many families that are paying $5-$30 per Inmate Call to: Global Tel Link, IC Solutions, Securus, J Pay, Pay Tel, Offender Connect, Evercom, Correctional Billing Svc., TNetix, PCS

PACtel Telephone Services is a fully FCC registered phone company. Copyright © 2019 PACtel Telephone Services