Inmate Text Message

Best Review in 2017

Friends and family on the outside can now send and receive text messages to and from their inmate.

No need to set up Corrlink account to use the Text Inmate Plan.

Unlimited Text messages to and from your inmates for just $15.00/month.

Inmates must have Corrlink contact with us to use the inmate texting service plan.

Inmate Text Message - Order New Service

Inmate Text Message - Make Payment on Existing Account

How it works

We will provide each inmate with a unique and special email address to send and receive text messages through Corrlink. We will then process the message from the inmate and send it to ANY mobile phone in the Continental U.S. or Canada. We do not support international mobile numbers.

All you have to do is reply to the text message and your inmate will receive the message back through Corrlinks. There will be a dedicated number assigned to each inmate, so you will always know it is him/her sending the message. (NOTE: Your inmate will NOT have a cell phone. He must use the facility approved Corrlinks program to send and receive messages)

If you want to initiate a message to him/her, all you will have to do is send a regular text message to the dedicated number assigned to your inmate.

Your inmate can send and receive UNLIMITED messages for only $15 per month. Pay with MC, Visa or Debit Card. Just click on the “Order New Service” button.

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