PACtel Telephone Services will install a local prison phone line on a family member's existing phone. It can be in the U.S. or International. Now there will be 2 phone lines installed on the telephone - The original primary line and the new second local prison telephone line.

The new local prison phone line originates (starts) in the city of the Inmate's facility and stretches to the family member's phone in another city (or country). The inmate phone line has a number from the city where the Inmate is located. This new prison phone line number is a LOCAL prison call from the Inmate's facility. Local prison calls are only 1/4 of the cost of a Long Distance prison call. This saves the Inmate 17 cents per minute!

When the Inmate calls the new local prison phone line, the family member's phone still rings the same as it always has.

This is not Remote Call Forwarding. Both the original (primary) and the new (prison phone) telephone line are separate lines. And each line has its own phone number. This phone line rings directly to only one phone. This cannot be changed. The telephone service is simply a second line for an existing phone. Both the primary and local prison phone lines can be installed and connected to the same phone.

There is no 3rd party involved in the call. Calls go directly from the prison’s phone system to the local inmate phone line of the family or friend being dialed. The call travels over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) like all other calls. The caller and the called telephone are the only parties involved in the call connection.

The local prison telephone line does not circumvent or interfere with any procedures used by the institution to ensure safe calls. The local inmate telephone line simply provides you with a local number for the Inmate to call you on. When the Inmate calls the local prison phone line, they still use the prison phone system and they must still put the new phone number on their approved call list. The only difference is that all future prison calls home will use this new local inmate calling number. They still comply completely with all the prison phone rules. But the Inmate's phone cost drops from 23 cents a minute to only 6 cents per minute.

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